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Fixed Income Terms and Conditions (FITC) Service

FITC Reference Information

Product Description and Delivery

FITC provides enriched and timely details on applicable CDSX-eligible fixed income securities, including corporate bonds and asset-backed securities (Canada mortgage bonds, mortgage-backed securities, and other asset-backed securities) through a daily / weekly / monthly electronic XML file called the 7130 file. An update file (called the 7131 file) is sent daily to subscribers with updates and additions to the FITC Service.

Source Terms and Conditions documents include:

Final Prospectuses, Term Sheets, Offering Memorandums, Prospectus Supplements, Pricing Supplements, NHA Offering Circulars, and Information Statements.

Reference and Feature data points include:

  • principal amount at issue date
  • floating interest rate base plus indicator
  • security rating at issue date, lead underwriter
  • first interest payment date
  • debt designation, month-end payment indicator
  • private placement indicator and Interest type
  • features relating to corporate action entitlement events, such as interest/dividend payment distribution frequency, currency, interest compounding method, feature start and expiry dates, etc.

Reference Information Includes:

  • standard security identifier (e.g. CUSIP, ISIN)
  • security type
  • instrument type, market symbol or ticker
  • security description, issuer code
  • maturity date
  • restriction indicators for deposit and withdrawals
  • trade reporting and settlement
  • custodian information such as location and type of custody

Product Sheet and Specification

Access the Product Sheet and Specifications.

Frequency: Daily, Weekly, Monthly

Format: XML

Delivery: SFTP over the internet

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