Registrar and paying agent

The service is ideal for new and existing BEO issuers who are looking for a more centralized approach to meeting ownership transfer and registrar requirements and who:

  • have not yet appointed an agent to act as a registrar and paying agent for their issued and outstanding BEO securities and do not require the full services offered by a transfer agent
  • have issues that are held in CDS Clearing's electronic depository system
  • require registrar reports and information regarding records of exchanges, transfers and registrations of interests in the securities
  • require audit confirmations (listing of issuers' total outstanding securities held by CDS Clearing) and/or a report on the controls of CDS Clearing (CSAE 3416) normally only provided to CDS Clearing participants
  • want to benefit from cost savings and access to CDS's efficient and secure facilities to administer BEO issues, process corporate actions and entitlement payments, and daily reconciliation with CDS Clearing for non-certificated issues.

In order to engage CDS as registrar and paying agent, issuers should deposit their issues with CDS Clearing as book-entry-only and complete the BEO Services agreements.

For help with appointing CDS as your registrar and paying agent, contact a CDS representative. More information on BEO issues is available at under Securities depository, custodial, entitlement services and Information services. Detailed information is also available in CDS's User Documentation.
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